This is one hot new dorm store!

So there’s this new store that just launched this week. We are the first to report about it. It’s called, and it is a hot place to shop. They’ve got posters, prints, wall decals, laptop skins, iPod skins, dorm accessories…. you name it. But they don’t just have these products, they have the best of these products. The artists that designed the skins are from all over the world. And the poster and prints are HOT. If your a guy there is something you are going to want on your wall… girls? You too. There is a wide range of styles and items to fit your personality, you don’t have to accept a plain vanilla dorm room anymore. This is not your typical online dorm store. If you can ind it at Bed Bath and Beyond, it is unlikely you will find it here. is much more creative and unique than that. Give it a try. Here’s a sample of one of their hotest postersDorm Poster Print

Here’s that same art as an iPod Skin

iPod Skin is also the first site in the US to offer an Alien Abduction Lamp… This is really an awesome lamp. It will be shipped to the US this winter but you can get on a list now at and they will give you $10 off when the lamp arrives. you do not need a credit card to get your name on the list and get the discount. Just send an email to hold your place. This lamp will be an instant classic!

There is also a really cool mini chandelier that they are selling for just $9 that is really worth checking into. Hang it over your computer, near your bed, group two of them together!

Check out and remember you heard about it here first. This one is going to be big folks.