College Safety: Top 3 Risky Situations

Now I’m not one to tell you to stay home on Halloween or miss the party next door because there are people there that you don’t know, but it is important to have a good head on your shoulders. Here are the top three riskiest situations a college student typically faces and how to navigate them while keeping yourself as safe as possible.

1.) The House Party. Attending that party down the street? Good! Going to social events is how you meet people and get to know everyone, and the fact is house parties are the easiest way to do it. But if you do go, invite a friend and agree not to leave without each other. No matter how cute that guy is or how much fun you’re having, if one person wants to leave the other is coming with, end of story.

2.) The Walk Home. Sometimes you just have to walk somewhere, I get that. Whether it’s heading down to the library to finish a paper or getting in some gym time at 5:00 in the morning, you’re going to be walking places. So when you’re walk is going to be a bit long (30 minutes), try to get a ride or use public transportation. If it’s short (on your way to the food hub), try to walk with a group of people. If you absolutely can’t find transportation and need to walk by yourself, stick to well lit areas, keep your eyes open and make sure to carry something defensive (no, not a gun), like mace. And if you’re really nervous, there’s nothing wrong with calling campus security for an escort somewhere.

3.) The Date. Ah, love. Now for the most part, dating at college doesn’t usually take place the old-fashioned way, but it does still exist, and the rules are still the same. First of all, make sure you meet in a public place and you drive yourself (you don’t want to find out they’re a creeper and then have them take you home to find out where you live). Second, make sure someone knows where you are and who you’re with. Just a quick text (“going bowling w/ my blind date, with me luck!”) will suffice, and third of all, take it easy on the drinks. There’s no quicker way to blur your judgment than with alcohol.

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