Top 5 Things Stolen on a College Campus

No one likes to think their things can get stolen, but the fact is, they can. In this day and age, the most common crime is theft, and on a college campus where students are struggling to make ends meet, stealing someone of someone else’s is a tempting way to get by. Personally, of all the things on this list I have had all of them stolen at one point or another, so trust me, it happens. So here is a list of things to keep a close eye on and how to prevent them from ending up as someone else’s.

1.) Electronics. It may seem like common sense, but the amount of students that leave their laptops lying around when they take off to use the restroom is appalling. Think about it; almost everyone in school needs a laptop, so why would you leave yours out in the open for the taking?

In addition, televisions, stereo equipment, cell phones, video games and equipment, iPods, and DVD players are also prime territory, and this is mainly due to the fact that so many kids leave their dorm room unlocked. Instead, make sure to lock your dorm and lock it good. What’s more, make sure that if anyone does get in (or you just “forget” to lock your door) that you’ll know it. Room alarms make sure no one gets in without your permission.  Another way to make sure your stuff won’t be stolen is to have a safe to store your valuables in.

2.) Cash, Credit cards, debit cards and other identification. Yes, I fully understand what a pain in the ass it is to have all this stuff in your dorm room. Many universities won’t let you register for a class without first seeing your driver’s license, birth certificate, high school transcripts, fingerprint identification, voice recognition and proof that you did indeed pay off that speeding ticket from 3 years ago. The sad thing is, I probably even left out some things.

So if you do need to have these papers on hand, make sure they are stored safely. You’ll want to make sure you store them in a safe, only take them out when you absolutely have to use them, and then put them right back in the safe. Oh and don’t leave cash lying around, that’s just stupid.

3.) Bicycles. I’ve had my bike stolen twice. Yes, there were two different bikes, they were both stolen, and one even had a lock on it. Never underestimate the value of a bicycle. Mine were both bought at yard sales, but they were still coveted by someone else bad enough for them to take them. At home, bring your bike inside the dorm. There should be a spot you can store it, and if not I still recommend leaving it in the common room or behind your door (it’s definitely going to be in the way, but it will still be yours).

Another way is to get a seriously heavy-duty bike lock, and make sure the bungee that you would typically just attach to the frame is instead attached to the frame, both tires, and the handlebars. Most crooks will at least become discouraged and move on to your neighbor’s bike.

4.) Textbooks. With the average textbook costing around $150 each, it’s no surprise that they would be a hot commodity. In addition, once that book is gone so are all the notes you may have kept in it and all the highlighting you did in the last chapter. Always keep an eye on your books. Heck this year’s chemistry book can probably easily sell for $120 online, which means someone could stand to make some serious money off that textbook-stuffed backpack of yours.

5.) Jewelry/clothing. It’s the same ol-same ol, but it’s a fact of life. If you have something shiny or expensive, someone else probably wants it. My roommate once let one of her high school friends sleep over on our couch for a week, and one day while she was gone I saw one of my shirts sticking out of her suitcase. I opened it and found half my closet in there. Keep an eye on your stuff and keep it locked up.



  1. Great reminder!

    We all can use more safety on our campuses 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Live College Well and commented:
    Be safe my fellow students! Stay on guard!

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