College Safety Advice: Student to Student

So often you read articles about staying safe in college, and most of the time these articles are written having researched the biggest reported threats at school. Well, here we like to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information possible, so we’ve decided to pose this question on our sister blog, from our store at

What is your #1 piece of advice about staying safe in college or keeping your things safe in college that you would pass on to incoming students?

And here are the answers; straight from the mouths (or fingertips) of real, fellow college students:

– Make sure you/your roommates lock your door every time you leave your room from the very beginning. It’ll help you stay in the habit J

– You’re the only person that you can trust with your belongings.

– Make sure you always have your phone on you and keep the police on speed dial.

– When I am walking through campus alone at night I carry my key so it sticks out between my fingers, That way if attacked I can defend myself.

– Make sure your rooms are locked when you are not there or make sure you have your phone on you most of the time in case of emergencies.

– Make sure that if you go out late at night to take a group of friends with you. It’s always safe to travel in larger groups.

– Use the buddy system

– Always hold on to your drink and try to have a sober, trusted friend with you. They may provide some common sense when you don’t have any!!

– I defend my valuables with the assistance of a rabid, yet tamed badger.

– Always make sure to have security’s number.

Pepper spray and martial arts.

– Keep belongings in moderation. Don’t show off, that will attract attention.

– Never, ever walk alone at night. I don’t care how “safe” or small your campus is, it is not!

– Make sure that you have a plan whenever you’re leaving a building. If you were to get attacked, do you know where you’d run to for help?

– Keep your door locked and valuables under the bed or in the fridge. Pick a good roommate if you can or transfer the hell away if they’re bad.

– NEVER go anywhere alone! It’s just not safe enough anywhere anymore. Even if I am alone I text SOMEONE to let them know where I am!

– Buddy system!

– Two things: follow your instincts and be aware of your surroundings/those who you hang around.

– Don’t walk with too much stuff! If you are overwhelmed by your bags and stuff, you aren’t as aware of your surroundings. Stay Safe!

– Rule #21 of living on campus. Never underestimate the power of a safe and or a piggy bank with a lock. People get crafty, so you should too.

Well there you have it. Stay safe students, and don’t forget to check out for college safety items!!


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