3 Safety Tips You’re Blowing Off…And Should’t Be

It’s easy to blow stuff off at college. After all, you’ve got stuff to do! When you’re in the zone during a 26 page research paper, any distraction is a huge pain in the ass. So when you’re roommate just quit snoring and you’ve finally gotten comfortable in your awkwardly shaped, teeny-tiny dorm room bed and the fire alarm goes off? Yeah, you’re not going anywhere.

The problem is though, that these things are in place for a reason. Here are a few things you would be smart to pay attention to.

1.) Fire drills. It might seem ridiculous (and just plain mean) to run a fire drill at 3:30 in the morning, but it’s a necessary evil, and the fact is 3:30 in the morning is a time when most people are going to be around for the drill. That’s the point, you see, to involve as many people as possible. No point in doing a drill if there are only 6 people around to participate.

2.) Smoke detectors. And while we’re on the topic of fire, let’s not forget the smoke detectors. Yes, I’ve been there when one goes off and just won’t stop beeping for the love of GOD …but you do need them. If it’s going off every morning because your roommate has a constant craving for burnt toast, don’t disconnect it, as tempting as it may be. Instead, teach her how to turn it off immediately, and buy her a new toaster. Or hell, in this situation maybe you’d want to just get a new roommate.

3.) Not propping open doors. I know, I know, it seems nitpicky but it’s just a fact of life. I know it’s a huge pain in the ass to wait by the door six flights down for your buddy to hurry up and park the car. We both know there’s no parking at 10:30 at night and you’re going to be waiting by that door for a good 30 minutes, so it can be tempting to grab a rock or a stick out of the nearby garden, text your buddy that you’ll be waiting up in the room and move on with your life. Problem is though, by doing this you’re not only putting yourself in danger (yes, you are, stop the eye-rolling), but you’re also putting everyone else in your dorm in danger. If someone does want to get in, a propped door is the easiest possible way to do it. There are countless cases a student was raped or assaulted by a stranger after a fellow dorm-mate propped the door open. You don’t want to be responsible for something like that.  

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