3 Seriously Underestimated Safety Tips

You’ve probably heard plenty of general safety advice: don’t walk anywhere alone, lock your dorm room doors, have the campus security number on speed dial. And while these are fantastic pieces of advice (I’m pretty sure I’ve already covered them in previous articles), there is always room for more.

And I thought it was important to highlight three very important tips that everyone seems to ignore for some reason. I’m sure that even as you scan down this list you’re probably nodding your head in agreement, yet there’s a pretty good chance you’re still going to ignore all of them. Let me be franks; these tips are extremely important.

1.) Take out the headphones. By far the most underestimated piece of advice! Your sense of hearing is an enormous factor in your self-defense skills. Plus, research has proven that when part of the brain is engaged on one thing, whether it’s listening to music, watching television or just looking at a painting, it has trouble noticing other things. It’s the reason there are laws against talking on a cell phone and driving. Just because you’re looking at the road doesn’t mean you are paying attention to what is actually happening on the road.

And if you’re anything like me, you probably have a tendency to look down while you’re walking; the tendency to put up the hood and zone out while you cut across the quad to the campus library. This is an incredibly dangerous habit, and you should break it immediately. You’re just setting yourself up to be taken advantage of.

2.) Be careful with your schedule. There is a lot of conflicting opinions on this matter, so let’s cover them both in one shot. On one hand, many people suggest keeping your schedule only to yourself. No one else should know where you are going to be and at what time.

On the other hand though, many experts suggest letting your friends and family know your schedule so if something does happen they will have an idea of where you last were or where you are supposed to be.

So I’ve decided to compromise for this rule. Give your schedule to a few closest friends and perhaps your Mom or Dad. Anyone besides that, keep it on lock down. What’s the point of Rule #3 if some creep can just walk up to you and ask to see your schedule?

3.) Avoid having a routine. I know this may seem difficult. After all, when your classes are at the same time every Wednesday and you have the same shift at work every Wednesday it’s pretty difficult to vary your routine. But it can be done. Take a different route to work every once in a while and take a different route home as well. The whole point is not to be predictable. Once your routine becomes predictable it becomes easy for someone to catch you off guard.

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