Your Worst Possible College Mentality

The phrase “it won’t happen to me” is a disaster just waiting to happen. The idea that you won’t get skin cancer even though you don’t wear sunscreen, or that of all the people attacked each year walking to their car alone and in the dark you won’t be one of them is astoundingly obtuse. Yes, things happen to good people, and you have just as much of a chance of being a victim as anyone else does.

Unfortunately, this mentality is rampant in the world of university. Students fresh out of high school, still equipped with the idea of indestructability and invisibility now enter the world of responsibility and consequence. Sometimes things work out…and sometimes they don’t. Now you may feel you don’t possess this mentality, but you probably do, so here are a few ways situations to spot it:

1.) You leave your things unlocked. Dorm living is a tricky thing. You’re probably used to having a room at home with your family (read: people that respect your wishes), but now you are rooming with a stranger…so lock your sh*t up! A dorm room safe is essential for your college days, and if you think your roommate is probably totally normal and won’t be snooping through anything of yours, you’re wrong. They will be.

2.) You ride in cars with inebriated people. Or worse, you drive. College parties are many and often, so you’re going to be in this situation at one point or another. The idea that you “only live just down the street” or that “it’s all on backroads, no one will know” is so off base it’s ridiculous. Under no circumstance should you ever be getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you’ve had a few, and definitely not in the passenger seat with a driver who has had a few. All those kids that get in accidents and kill their friends or innocent people coming home from work have something in common; they never though it would happen to them. Bottom line: call a cab or a sober buddy.


3.) You walk alone. I know this is a tough one. Not only have I frequently crossed my campus alone, in the dark, but I also like it. I like the feeling of being alone in the fresh air with just myself and my thoughts, but as romantic as that sounds, a being assaulted by someone preying on zoned out college students is not a refreshing feeling anyone wants to experience. Unfortunately this is dorm life: walking alone is a bad idea. And if you do have to spend some time in the dark, at least take a self-defense class or arm yourself with a hefty, effective container of pepper spray 

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