The Most Unsafe Roommate You Can Have

Safety at school is serious stuff, and you’ve probably gotten together a list of things you need to do before going off to college. Maybe you’ve bought yourself a dorm safe and some pepper spray, and a few minor locks for some valuables (and if you haven’t bought these things, your checklist is severely inadequate, and you should immediately visit here to makes sure you’re stocked up on college essentials).

However, all the things in the world aren’t going to be useful if you make bad decisions…which leads me to my point; a bad roommate is the most unsafe thing you can have in college.

Here, I’ll give you some examples:

1.) They cloud your judgment. A roommate that says things like, “Oh c’mon, I’m fine to drive I’ve only had a couple…” or “Let’s go to their house! They’re cute and seem really nice!” is just asking for trouble. If you’ve got a bad feeling about something, trust it. Even when your whiny roommate is begging you to make a bad decision along with her (or him).

2.) They have no respect for your stuff. Having no respect for your stuff is annoying, I’ll give you that, but the problem is that this lack of respect often spills over to a disrespect of your shared space, which is downright dangerous. If they’re bringing random people home at random hours of the night, they’re not only putting themselves in danger, but they’re also putting you in danger. Make sure you’ve both agreed on clear cut rules on who is and who isn’t allowed in your dorm room.

3.) They do illegal things. You don’t smoke pot, they do; fine. You have no problem with that. But when they do it in your room, you both can be held accountable. If you have a roommate that is seriously toeing the line with illegal goings on, you need to make a change. You don’t necessarily need to go all crazy narc on them and turn them in, but you do need to get yourself out of the situation. For the sake of your future, get out of the situation.

4.) They are reckless. Now don’t get me wrong, there is always a time and place for a good rule-breaking, but there are also times when it’s important to follow the rules, and if your roommate can’t tell the difference you could be in for a world of hurt. If they fall asleep with candles burning, disconnect the smoke alarms or have otherwise outlawed things, you need to do the right thing and get it taken care of, for your own safety as well as the safety as everyone else in your building.