3 Ways to Make Your Campus Safe

If you follow this blog, you know we’ve written many articles about college safety. We’ve mentioned specific items to help keep you safe while walking around campus, like various pepper sprays, and we’ve explained the importance of being able to keep your very personal belonging locked away safely in a dorm safe. We’ve even written articles about generally unmentioned college dangers, like depression and suicide. Well today, we’ve decided to write an article describing the top three things you can do to make your college campus a safer place.

1.) Speak up. If there’s a problem, people need to know about it. By allowing criminals to go unreported, you are basically enabling them. If your stuff is stolen, report it! If your roommates stuff gets stolen, report it! And if stuff gets stolen from down the hall, encourage them to report it. Sure you may never see your stuff again, but that’s not the point; the point is that if it’s happening enough the issue may need to be re-examined at a higher level, hopefully resulting in newer procedures that would make your campus a safer place.

2.) Be active in legislation. Not only should you report all incidents, but getting involved in making your school a better place is another great way to address the issue. College campuses aren’t unlike a typical high school or even small city; they have rules and regulations set into place and constantly meet about issues. If you feel the campus crime rate could be decreased by having better lit walkways, bring it to someone’s attention! And if the issues still is being addressed with the scrutiny you think it deserves, join a committee that will be active in making it happen!

3.) Communicate with others. Keeping everyone informed about current situations is a great way to thwart criminals. For instance, in my neighborhood back home we had an issue with a woman driving a red minivan, who would sit in front of empty houses while her kids went in and robbed them (some special mom, I know). So one of the neighbors put the incident in the newsletter that went out to all the people in the neighborhood; descriptions of the car and the kid. The very next time they tried it they were caught.

It’s the same at college. Communicate with your fellow students (and RA’s and campus security and whoever else you feel needs to know. When everyone is well prepared and on the same page it makes for a much safer environment. Issues may still occur, but with great communication you can help ensure that they won’t occur again and again and again and again.  


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