Bad College Ideas That Sound Good at the Time

If one thing’s for sure, it’s the fact that being away at college often gives you this odd “blanket” of invisibility. Trust me, I’ve been there. But before you go off doing something you probably wouldn’t do at home “just because you can,” think about the consequences. In all these situations, the consequences are pretty damn serious, regardless of whether or not you thought of them at the time.

1.) “It’s okay, I’ll just drive.” Fact: there is a lot of alcohol in college. Whether it’s on campus or not, it really doesn’t matter, you’re going to be exposed to it. Now I’m not going to tell you to aim for a dry 4 years of school, otherwise that would make me a complete hypocrite, but I will tell you to be careful about the decisions you make around alcohol, and choosing to drive is a huge one.

Chances are, if you’re knock-down drunk your buddies aren’t going to let you get behind the wheel. But if you’ve had just a couple, aren’t slurring your words and haven’t shown any other signs of drunkenness, they may gladly hand you the keys. Don’t do it. You could hurt yourself, hurt someone else, get arrested, have to pay some serious fines and maybe even have to do some community service. Oh yeah and that other big one…you could die.

2.) “I’m going to kick his/her ass.” One thing that you will soon learn about college is this: most people still have a lot of growing up to do. So that guy that broke your friend’s heart (and completely deserves to get his ass kicked)? Yeah he’s just a douche. Accept it and move on. That chick that bashed the windows out of your car? Call the cops. Sounds a lot less badass, but it’sabsolutelythe way to go. People tend to talk tough when they do something stupid, but as soon as they realize they’re actually in trouble for it, they turn into whiny little babies crying for their parents. Trust me, don’t kick their ass; it’s much more gratifying to see them picking up trash on the side of the road for the next 8 weeks.

3.) “I bet I could just cheat…” No, you can’t. Maybe you got away with it in high school, but that’s a whole different game altogether. And frankly, cheating in college is just plain stupid. If you cheated in your high school Home-Ec class, no one cared. But if you cheat in your phlebotomy class in your nursing program, it will seriously come back to bite you. Not only do most schools have a “No Toleration” policy (meaning you instantly fail the class and usually get expelled), you’re not getting information that you need. Cheating in College Algebra means that your future chemistry, physics, biology, drafting, engineering, and countless other classes are going to bewaaaaaaymore difficult than they need to be.

In addition, universities can see you coming a mile away. Think no one has ever tried using their roommate’s paper for their own class? Think again. There are now programs that allow teachers to upload a paper into a system that tells them if any other paper like it has ever been written. Sure, yours might be 10% similar to someone else’s paper across the country, but 86% similar? That’s cheating. So just suck it up and learn the information.


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