Your Back-To-School Safety Kit

Remember when you were just a wee little tike, and it came time for back-to-school shopping? Of course you do, who doesn’t! The new pair of shoes, the notebooks with clean, empty pages and the little bundle of multi-colored pens and highlighters (that, in reality, would only be used for decorated whatever notes you were planning on passing between classmates). Back to school shopping was fun.

Wait…let me rephrase that…back to school shopping was a freakin’ blast.

And then you went to college. Now in college, setting off to buy a fresh notebook still brings a bit of a rush, but it’s also bittersweet; every cent you spend on colorful highlighters takes away from the thousands of dollars you’ve been saving to spend on textbooks, meal plans and tuition.

But then comes the other part of college that seems to get ignored; safety. In grade-school, the most you would need for safety equipment was a big brother or sister, and even that had potential for backfiring. College is different though; it’s up to you to keep yourself safe, and in that case, certain safety equipment is an absolute necessity and should be budgeted for accordingly. Now in a perfect world you would buy every possible safety item you could, but in the real world you can only buy what you can afford and what is the highest priority. We get that. So we’ve made it easy and narrowed down the list of items you would need based on our own combined college experiences.

1.) Pepper spray. As much as we tell you not to walk anywhere by yourself…especially at night…on a dimly lit campus…it’s going to happen. We understand that there are going to be times when taking a quick jaunt across an empty campus in the middle of the night is your only realistic (albeit very stupid) option. So get yourself some damn pepper spray so you have a better chance of living to tell the tale.

2.) Dorm safes. The likelihood that you’ll be living with a roommate is incredibly high. The likelihood that you’ll both end up being best friends, however, not so much. The truth is, you’ll be living with a complete stranger, so it’s absolutely vital that you have a secure spot to put your most valuable personal items. I’m not even going to get into the speech of what to bring from home (if it’s that valuable, don’t bring it to college!) and just skip straight to the part where I tell you what you need, and that, my friend, is a quality dorm safe.

3.) Locks. Just as you will need a substantial (read: sturdy) dorm safe, you are going to need some basic locks. It sounds crazy, but I wish I had put a lock on my closet my freshman year; I’m pretty sure my roommate took half my clothes with her every time she went home to visit family! Lock your sh*t up. You’ll either thank me later or wish that you had.

And if you’ve got a little extra in your budget (go ahead…laugh…I’ll give you a second), check out our college sites specifically for dorm room design and dorm room safety: and’ll be glad you did!

Are you planning on bringing any safety equipment to school?


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