Roommate Lessons You Should Learn the First Week of College

Folks it’s July, which means school starting up again is just around the corner. And for those of you who are brand new to the university world, I’m going to let you in on a little secret; roommates can be the death of you.

Oh, wait, someone else already told you that? Everybody else already told you that? Well good. The fact is, unless you’re rooming with your best high school buddy (which you should never, never do, I’ll explain later in a future post), you’re going to be rooming with a complete stranger.

And honestly it’s not all that bad. I’ve only had a handful of roommates over the years where I found myself desperately trying to burn a whole in their head with my eyes alone, but for the most part I’ve had some very reasonable and very normal roomies.

However, there are a few things about a crazy roommate that you need to know, and many of these things you can learn within the first week. So here they are:

1.) They will eat your food. All of it. Gone. And they won’t admit to it unless you confront them. Some may even go as far as to hint to you when you’re out of their favorite snack, in a “Hey, do we have anything good to snack on around here?” kind of way. In the first week they will ask if they can have something of yours. This is a red flag. The roommates who actually ask permission later down the road will not ask in the first week. If they’re asking permission on move-in day, you’ve got yourself a problem.

2.) They will borrow your clothes. They will try them on when you’re not there, they will wear them to class when you have different schedules, they will bring them home during school breaks, and they will accidently never bring them back. At the end of the semester you’ll be going home with an empty suitcase and a confused look on your face. Lock your sh*t up.

3.) They will use your computer. It starts out with, “Hey, can I check my email really fast? My computer’s being weird…” and end up with, “Hey I really needed to check my email and you weren’t home so I used your computer, hope that’s cool.” That sounds all fine and good but what they’re really saying is, “I’m going to download 264 songs on your computer, say I’m deleting all of them but I’m really just unknowingly moving them all to a hidden file where they will continue to take up space and make your computer run super slow.” Keep your laptop with you, store it somewhere safe or lock it up when you’re gone. It’s just good practice to keep something like that locked in a safe place when you aren’t home anyway.


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