Is Paranoia Getting to You? College Facts That Will Let You Rest Easy

If you were to scroll through our list of blog posts hopefully you would be able to get a decent understanding about how to make it through college the safest way possible. We’ve broken down your back to school safety kit, discussed what you should do if you have a stalker, explained how to be safe while dating in college and even written a post to parents enlightening them on the best way to openly communicate with their college student. Now all these articles are written with good intentions; we want to give you the best possible advice we can before you head out into uncharted territory. However, if you were to do a search on the internet regarding campus safety, you’d find some pretty scary stuff. So we’re going to set the record straight (it may also make your parents to feel better to read this as well, that way they won’t be as quick to assume you’re dead in a ditch somewhere if you don’t answer your cell phone on the first ring).

1.) Campus security is better than you think. A friend of mine is a local police officer, but before he was a “real” cop, he was something else…a campus security cop. When asked the differences between each job, he surprisingly answered that they thought they were better at campus security.


“It’s simple,” he explained. “College kids don’t call about the little stuff. As a cop, you get a lot of calls from 80 year old women suspicious of their new neighbors and stuff like that. College kids don’t call about any of that stuff, so when there is a complaint about something, we can really devote our time to it since it’s not being wasted on insignificant crap.”

Interesting. So that means this idea that campus security will take 10 minutes to get to you at 2:00 in the morning is…inaccurate?

“Hell yeah it’s inaccurate! All we’re doing at 2:00 in the morning is either making surveillance rounds, doing paperwork or cleaning. We’ll be there in a heartbeat!”

Good to know.

2.) Not all roommates are crazy. They chances of you getting paired up with a roommate you are incompatible with are fairly high, based on your personality of course. But the chances that you will get paired up with an actual psychopath (like the ones you always hear about on television) are incredibly rare. Parents, you can rest your head at night knowing your child is very unlikely to be eaten by his or her roommate. But still purchase a sturdy dorm trunk or a dorm safe…just in case.

3.) College is not as difficult as you thought. Is college tougher than highschool? Absolutely! The classes are harder, the subject matter is harder, the professors don’t care if you fail, it’s up to you to attend class and keep your grades up, plus the pace can be quite a shock. However, most universities already know this and have resources at your disposal. You will most likely have access to free tutoring, classes that teach you specific study skills and time management abilities, as well as online resources like professor and class reviews. Millions of students that have come before you have survived college, and you will too.


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