A Letter to Parents: What Your College Student is Forgetting to Ask For

As college students across the country begin to head back to school, parents all over the country are most likely digging out their wallets. After all, any summer savings is going to be going towards textbooks and additional university fees (trust us, it will), so it’s natural to help out with a little back to school shopping. Thing is though, we’re pretty sure we already know what your college student is asking for, and it’s not on this list.

For the most part, you’re probably going to spend a trip to your local wholesale store to stock up on cereal and top ramen, spend some time at an office supply store picking up notebooks, dividers, chemistry equipment (yes, students are often required to buy their own goggles), and highlighters, take the time to bring the car in for a tune-up and maybe even devote a few more dollars to a new item of clothing (bonus points of it’s a pair of sweats because we guarantee that’s what they’ll get the most use out of). But here is a list of the things you’re student is not asking for but really should be:

1.) Dorm Safes. Trust us, we’ve been students and we too gave our roommate (and every other person that walked by our dorm room door as we left it unlocked since we lost our key the day we moved it) way too much trust. Your student needs a dorm safe to put their valuables in. It doesn’t have to be big, and they don’t have to have it sitting out on the kitchen table, but they need one. They aren’t going to ask for it, so just buy one for them.

2.) A fire extinguisher. Yes, we fully admit that there’s a good chance this won’t be used to put out a fire and will instead be used as a prop during a drunken dance-off at 4:00 in the morning. However, you’d much rather take this chance than waiting for the day when your student attempts to make their own Flaming Dr. Pepper shots during a drunken bender at 4:00 in the morning. They need a fire-extinguisher. They’re cheap and they save lives.

3.) Dorm locks. Every student always wishes they have some, but they never actually go out and buy some until it’s too late. Stuff gets stolen at college, it’s a fact of life, and no one is going to waste their time breaking into a locked closet when the closet two feet away is easily accessible. Dorm locks take up barely any room in their suitcase and they won’t even notice until they get to school and start unpacking that you’ve stashed a few locks in their luggage, just for good measure.

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