Combining Dorm Safety with Dorm Decoration

Sure you want to be safe at college, but you don’t want your dorm room to make you look like a paranoid freak that doesn’t trust their own mother (and if you don’t trust your own mother I won’t judge; I’m sure you have your reasons). But let’s be honest, no one wants to live in an unsafe dorm room just as much as no one wants to live in a boring dorm room. So we present a few compromises:

1.) The dorm trunk. A dorm trunk is essentially a heavy duty storage container. Thing is, they usually look just about as interesting as a cardboard box, and no one wants a giant cardboard box sitting in the middle of their dorm room. Besides, space in a dorm room is hard to come by, so why would want so much of it taken up by something ugly looking? Thankfully, we’ve found the cure. We’ve got a few dorm trunks that are not only fully functional (these babies go on lockdown when you want them to), but they also look pretty damn cool. With up to 17 colors and designs, you should be good to go on stylish dorm storage.


2.) Pepper spray. Pepper spray, while incredibly necessary for a first-time college student, looks like crazy in a bottle. Hell if I were a guy on a date with a woman and I saw pepper spray in her purse my first thought would be, “Well I’m definitely not even going to think about going in for a goodnight kiss…” So we say disguise it. We’ve got pepper sprays that look like cute little heart-shaped containers for lipstick, but trust us, they’re anything but. That way, you still get the option of the goodnight kiss, but you also have the option of making sure that’s as far as it goes…if you want it to.

3.) Dorm lighting. Believe it or not, a well-lit dorm (or apartment) is much safer than a dimly lit dorm. So do it with style! You don’t need to have flood lights outside your apartment, but by all means have something. And if you live in a community dorm, even a gentle glow from the kitchen is often enough to stop intruders at your doorway. Everyone knows it’s super common for college kids to be awake at all hours of the night and there’s nothing wrong with letting everyone on your floor think that there’s always someone awake in your room. A basic nightlight might do the trick, but if you want something a little more believable, an interesting lamp or lightshade will keep the room from looking too boring. Besides, we kind of like the idea of studying by candlelight.


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