Safety Items to Keep in Your Purse/Backpack

Now there are countless safety items that you should take with you to college. Fire extinguishers, for example, are not very expensive and are invaluable in a tight spot, but I doubt you’ll be carrying one around in your backpack all day. The same goes for your laptop safe or even a bunch of padlocks. Even if you think it’s a good idea to lock up your backpack (it is) I guarantee you’re going to choose practicality over safety in the end. And the number of times per hour combined with the exhausting weight of textbooks, you’re not going to carry anything more than you have to.

Besides the following items, that is. They weigh next to nothing and they just might save your life, so read on and stock up.

1.) Pepper spray. What, you’re a big strong man that doesn’t believe in carrying pepper spray? You’re an independent woman that has taken her fair share of self-defense classes and can take care of herself? Riiiiiight. Don’t want your friends making fun of you? Completely understandable, but still not a valid excuse. We’ve got pepper spray disguised as a black pen, perfume, lipstick and even as a tiny keychain. The fact is it’s super light, and you’ll (hopefully) never have to use it. But at least it’s there clipped on the side of your backpack or sitting at the bottom of your purse if you should ever need it.

2.) An alarm. A personal alarm costs next to nothing, and it creates a shrieking sound that will bring help immediately. In fact, alarms have been found to be almost more efficient than yelling help; people might not always come to the sound of someone yelling, but they will absolutely do something about an insanely annoying sound coming right outside their window. Put an alarm on your keychain and you’ll instantly have a way of drawing attention to yourself in a scary situation.


3.) A witness. What do you think is the greatest deterrent for a criminal? You might think it’s the punishment itself, but you’d be wrong. According to the most recent and valid research we could find, it’s not the severity of the punishment that criminals fear, it’s the certainty of punishment. That’s why most crimes happen in the absence of witnesses; no one wants to get caught. Enter the iWitness Smartphone Service. Not only can you film the offense taking place, but your phone also automatically calls 9-1-1 and tracks your location. Make sure you’re never alone again.

These things cost pennies on the dollar but they are incredibly helpful in keeping you safe, so what are you waiting for?!


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