3 Alcohol Rules in College

Let’s face it; there’s a lot of drinking that goes on at college. Now that doesn’t mean that if you don’t drink you can’t hang out, after all I have been to countless parties where as soon as someone realizes I’m the designated driver, they make sure I know of the non-alcoholic drink options. And there have also been plenty of times where I have ended up drinking more than I probably should have. Either way though, there are some rules you need to follow if you plan on consuming alcohol during your time at college.

1.) Know who you’re drinking with. I’m not encouraging anyone to get blackout drunk by any means, but if you do happen to get a little too drunk at least you know you’ll be taken care of. Getting sloshed at a frat house with 100 strangers is never a good idea. Drinking not only impairs your judgment, but also you’re ability to defend yourself. Rape is the common violent crime on US campuses today, and alcohol plays a huge role in that crime. Be smart about who you drink around.

2.) Know your limit. As I mentioned above, getting blackout drunk is never a good idea. Not only does it put you in danger because you can’t function (yes, it happens, a friend of mine was killed in a fire a few years ago when he was too drunk to get out of the building), but it could actually kill you. Alcohol poisoning is often the butt of jokes around college campuses, but the dangers of it are very real. Either set a limit for yourself before the night begins, or have a sober friend in charge of cutting you off. And if you continually can’t seem to find your limit when you drink, you might want to consider not drinking at all. Babysitting you every time you all go out is going to get very old very quick.

3.) Arrange for transportation ahead of time. Going out without arranging for a ride home later puts you at the mercy of whomever you happen to come across. Sure your buddy might say to call whenever you need a ride, but if they fell asleep and can’t hear their phone you’re going to end up stranded. Have a few backup options and at least one fail-safe  If one member of your group isn’t the designated driver, you need to have someone else in mind that will come get you when you need to go home. Maybe you have the number for a cab or “The Tipsy Trolley” on speed dial. As a last resort, you can even call campus security to come pick you up. As long as you realize that you should never, ever, EVER, get into a car with someone you don’t know (yes, even if they have candy) and you should never, ever, EVER drive after you’ve had a few.

And if you ever do find yourself in a risky situation (we hope you don’t), make sure to have a variety of self-defense items on hand, like pepper spray or a personal alarm. Don’t forget to check out our store (www.secureoncampus.com) for even more personal safety items!


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