Reveals: 36% of American College Students Suffer from Dorm Inadequacy, the online boutique dorm decor store, announced the surprising results of a recent survey of dorm dwelling college students in time for the back to school season. The survey indicates that over one third of US college students are embarrassed by their dorms, have been told that their dorm is “dull” by their roommates or have been asked “what’s that smell” when their friends enter their dorm room.

To help meet the significant demand for dramatic dorm upgrades has vastly expanded it’s selection of boutique dorm décor items to include unique twin XL dorm comforters, beautiful dorm lights, a wide selection of dorm wall decals to fit any personal style, and dorm desk accessories that make being organized fashionable.

Rob Pellizzi, founder of notes that “as freshmen seek to navigate the difficult entry into college life, dorm inadequacy, or DI, could add a significant amount of emotional stress into the process. Such inadequacy may well create tension with more stylish roommates and potentially cause the offending student to be shunned”.

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College Student Health Tips

Now just last week I posted an article about College New Year Resolutions, and not surprisingly, one of them was to get healthy. Now I get it; college is a huge life step, so why not make the best of it? Plus, since you’re not in high school anymore, this is your chance to create a new identity. It’s a new year, a new career path (you may even be starting your first semester of school in a few days) so why not start off by making yourself the healthiest ‘you’ you can be? I thought so.

But before you start off on some crazy plan (I’m going to run 14 miles a day!) and then quickly abandon it (as an avid runner even I can’t commit to running 14 miles a day), let’s get a few more useful habits into place.

1.) Clarify what and why you want to change. If you think the only thing keeping you from being happy is your weight, you’re wrong. There are a lot of factors that determining your happiness and you need to address all of them. That means that by “getting healthy”, you also need to address your mental state of mind. Are you stuck in a dead-end relationship? Do something about it. Are you constantly getting taken advantage of people? Make a change. Your physical appearance, contrary to popular opinion, has nothing to do with these two things. Your weight does not determine your self-worth.

2.) Address all areas of your health. That means not just exercising more often, but watching what you eat, making sure you’re drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, managing stress better and being more aware of your mental health. All of these things combined create a healthy identity, not just one or two on their own.

3.) Be specific, and write it down. You want to work out more? Great! How much? How often? Don’t just say “more”; make a goal. Two times a week? Three times a week? An hour each time? Write that down. Or maybe it’s a fitness goal, like you want to run a 5k by the end of the month. Write that down. Maybe you want to learn how to cook and decrease the amount of meals you eat out by 50%; leaving only three times during the week where you will eat out. Write that down.

4.) Be ready for set-backs. Research shows that habits are never actually broken; they are just replaced by stronger habits. You are never actually going to lose your sweet tooth, but you will become much better about giving into it all the time. Now keep in mind, research also says that it takes roughly three weeks straight for a new habit to start becoming second nature. That means if you abandon your goals by the second week, you really haven’t even given yourself a fighting chance! So if you miss the gym one day don’t sweat it, just go the next day. Gradually, you will be able to make a change.

5.) Keep things interesting. I mentioned earlier that I’m a runner. One of my goals every year is to run 365 miles by the end of the year (1 mile per day). However, I also know that I don’t run on treadmills. I get bored and frustrated. Outside I can run 10 miles, but on a treadmill I barely make it 2 miles before I move on to something else. If I relied on treadmills there’s no way I’d reach my goal, but by creating routes around my house I’m much more likely to stick to my plan.

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What are some ways you plan on being more healthy this year?

College Student New Year Resolutions

Well ladies and gents, 2013 is just around the corner, and that means many of us will be sitting down, more motivated than ever, and writing down our New Year resolutions. And sure, there may be a few habits you’d like to change, but we all have to admit; that feeling of lying down to sleep at night knowing you’ve had an incredibly productive day is an amazing feeling, so wouldn’t it be nice to have that feeling more often? Of course it would! So let us give you a few more specific solutions so some of the  most common college resolutions out there and help you get on track for having the best year ever.

1.) Stop procrastinating. This is typically on every college student’s checklist, and for good reason: the amount of effort we spend putting off homework assignments is astounding. I’ve been known to clean an entire house just to avoid starting a research paper. So stop it, by forcing yourself to change your habits. Really think about what you do every day; when you’re 95 years old, are you honestly going to look back on your life and be grateful you spent all those hours watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Probably not. You’d probably rather you got your work done and went to the gym. And speaking of the gym…

2.) Get healthy. This will probably be on your list, but it needs to be more specific. What do you mean by “healthy”? Do you have a goal weight (say 10 pounds lighter than you are) or a goal accomplishment (run a 5k). Make sure you have shorter time frames for check-in; saying “by the end of the year” is never a good idea. Instead, set a list of smaller goals throughout the month and focus on those. And finally, how are you going to do it? Nothing just miraculously “happens”, so you need to sort out the details, like hitting them gym 3 times a week and doing at least 30 minutes of cardio activity a day. That’s a good start.


3.) Cut the drama. The new year often causes us to re-evaluate every aspect of our lives, and one of those aspects would be relationships. Do you have any that are holding you back? Perhaps a deadbeat boyfriend (or girlfriend) that sucks you dry of time, money and patience. Cut them loose, and that includes family. I had a manipulative and abusive father and five years ago I cut off all contact. It was tough, but I can honestly say I’ve been happier in the last five years that I have my entire life. It’s amazing how much every day improves when you have no one in your life that constantly ruins it.

4.) Plan your summer. Surely everyone has some version of “have an awesome summer” on their list, but no one plans for it. You will, starting now. Get a job lined up and then plan your weekends. Always wanted to go white water rafting? Want a girl’s weekend in Vegas? Want to learn how to surf? Figure out your commitments (weddings, family reunions) and book some trips on your weekends off. Like I said earlier, miraculous things don’t just happen; you have to work for them, including a kickass summer.

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Christmas Light Etiquette: How to Be a Good Neighbor

Just last night I was looking out of my living room window and I saw something: a tiny little flicker of blue, red and green. Christmas lights have officially landed on my street. Of course, I also just felt like writing a more upbeat post. After all, student safety can be such a serious topic…

Personally, I love the first sighting of Christmas lights. My boyfriend, however, not so much. And as much as I’d rather live in the dream world where Christmas lights are always a thing to be welcomed, he does have a point: sometimes, they are just downright annoying.

Now as a college student, there are few things as exciting as Christmas lights, and there are even fewer things less exciting then decorating your own place. However, how exactly do you make sure your Christmas lights are those that are celebrated instead of condemned? Follow these rules to make sure your neighbors won’t feel the urge to burn your little dorm room to the ground during the next month and a half.

1.) Wait until the day after Thanksgiving. This is a touchy rule, but just follow it. As someone with a Master’s degree in Behavioral Psychology, I still can’t believe there isn’t a term for an individual that flies into rage over the sight of one holiday’s decorations before the previous holiday has passed. I even find myself going into a slight rage when I see Christmas decorations in the stores before Halloween has arrived. I can’t explain it; I just know it makes my blood boil. Wait until after Thanksgiving.

2.) Cut the sound effects after a reasonable hour. Holiday lights set to sound have become all the rage in the past few years, and if you’re jumping on the bandwagon good for you (I’ll be driving through your neighborhood soon to see your handiwork!), but hearing the same four Christmas songs over and over and over and over again for hours on end is sure to send your neighbors off the deep end. Plus, many dorms have noise rules that you just flat out have to follow, so just follow them.

3.) Understand other floor plans. If there is a bedroom is facing one side of your house (or condo or dorm or tent or whatever) they’d probably appreciate it if you didn’t put lights up on that part of the house. This is especially applicable if your lights are flashing or blinking. You know how annoying it is to have a cop cars lights flashing into your bedroom at 2:00 in the morning? Well imagine that…for the next 45 days.

4.) Ask if they have any special concerns. Just asking is usually enough to smooth over any potential rough spots in your neighborly relationship. And if they ask that you shut the lights off after 9:00, you will be able to negotiate for 9:30 without seeming like a jackass.

5.) Safety first. If you are planning on placing a giant, blow-up Santa Claus in the front yard, you need to make sure it’s not a hazard of any kind. Make sure it’s not blocking anyone’s view as they are backing out of their driveway or trying to turn the corner around your house. No one will appreciate your decorations if they keep resulting in a three-car pileup. Of course if they’re just too interesting to not stop staring…bravo.

Dorm Safety Essentials

It’s getting to be that time of year: you’ve probably been thinking about what you need to take with you to college, but you’re not going to pack until maybe the day before. You’ll use the excuse “I need to pack” to get out of virtually every uncomfortable situation (dinner with your grandparents), but let’s be honest; your room isn’t any more packed than it was 2 weeks ago.

So before you really get started, let’s go over what you need to bring with you; as far as safety goes. Pack these essentials first then use your spare suitcases to pack everything else.

1.) Locks. Theft is far and above the #1 reported incident on college campuses. Between things in your dorm, things in your car and things in your backpack, you’ve probably got a lot of expensive stuff lying around. And with locks being incredible affordable and practical, there’s really no reason not to own one. We’d recommend putting one on your closet (once you get to know you’re roommie you can remove it, but in the beginning you may wonder where the hell all your clothes have started disappearing too), on your dorm storage trunk (or any dorm trunk, for that matter), on your backpack and on your glove compartment in your car, if you can.

2.) Safes. Just like locks are important, so are safes. If you can’t afford a regular safe for the majority of your stuff (student ID, birth certificate, etc.), at least spring for a laptop safe. Our most basic model holds laptops up to 17 inches, is fire insulated, has double steel walls and can be secured to anything non-mobile with a 48-inch cable. You paid a lot of money for that laptop, don’t let some jackass get it for free.

3.) Fire Extinguishers. It may seem silly (your dorm has one, every building has one), but let’s be realistic. You start a fire in your room (yes, it happens), are you going to have time to pull up the dorm map and figure out where the hell the fire extinguisher is? Probably not. Just go to your room and get the one you brought with you. Better safe than sorry.

4.) Pepper Spray. Pepper spray comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes now, so you don’t have to look like a paranoid freshman with a giant canister of pepper spray attached to their belt loop. And even if you think you’ll never need it (we hope you’ll never need it), it’s better to have it just in case.

5.) Your iWitness App. This isn’t going to take up storage room but it’s just as important. We’d recommend downloading the service long before you get to college so if the time ever comes to use it you won’t be fumbling with your phone.

Combining Dorm Safety with Dorm Decoration

Sure you want to be safe at college, but you don’t want your dorm room to make you look like a paranoid freak that doesn’t trust their own mother (and if you don’t trust your own mother I won’t judge; I’m sure you have your reasons). But let’s be honest, no one wants to live in an unsafe dorm room just as much as no one wants to live in a boring dorm room. So we present a few compromises:

1.) The dorm trunk. A dorm trunk is essentially a heavy duty storage container. Thing is, they usually look just about as interesting as a cardboard box, and no one wants a giant cardboard box sitting in the middle of their dorm room. Besides, space in a dorm room is hard to come by, so why would want so much of it taken up by something ugly looking? Thankfully, we’ve found the cure. We’ve got a few dorm trunks that are not only fully functional (these babies go on lockdown when you want them to), but they also look pretty damn cool. With up to 17 colors and designs, you should be good to go on stylish dorm storage.


2.) Pepper spray. Pepper spray, while incredibly necessary for a first-time college student, looks like crazy in a bottle. Hell if I were a guy on a date with a woman and I saw pepper spray in her purse my first thought would be, “Well I’m definitely not even going to think about going in for a goodnight kiss…” So we say disguise it. We’ve got pepper sprays that look like cute little heart-shaped containers for lipstick, but trust us, they’re anything but. That way, you still get the option of the goodnight kiss, but you also have the option of making sure that’s as far as it goes…if you want it to.

3.) Dorm lighting. Believe it or not, a well-lit dorm (or apartment) is much safer than a dimly lit dorm. So do it with style! You don’t need to have flood lights outside your apartment, but by all means have something. And if you live in a community dorm, even a gentle glow from the kitchen is often enough to stop intruders at your doorway. Everyone knows it’s super common for college kids to be awake at all hours of the night and there’s nothing wrong with letting everyone on your floor think that there’s always someone awake in your room. A basic nightlight might do the trick, but if you want something a little more believable, an interesting lamp or lightshade will keep the room from looking too boring. Besides, we kind of like the idea of studying by candlelight.

Your Back-To-School Safety Kit

Remember when you were just a wee little tike, and it came time for back-to-school shopping? Of course you do, who doesn’t! The new pair of shoes, the notebooks with clean, empty pages and the little bundle of multi-colored pens and highlighters (that, in reality, would only be used for decorated whatever notes you were planning on passing between classmates). Back to school shopping was fun.

Wait…let me rephrase that…back to school shopping was a freakin’ blast.

And then you went to college. Now in college, setting off to buy a fresh notebook still brings a bit of a rush, but it’s also bittersweet; every cent you spend on colorful highlighters takes away from the thousands of dollars you’ve been saving to spend on textbooks, meal plans and tuition.

But then comes the other part of college that seems to get ignored; safety. In grade-school, the most you would need for safety equipment was a big brother or sister, and even that had potential for backfiring. College is different though; it’s up to you to keep yourself safe, and in that case, certain safety equipment is an absolute necessity and should be budgeted for accordingly. Now in a perfect world you would buy every possible safety item you could, but in the real world you can only buy what you can afford and what is the highest priority. We get that. So we’ve made it easy and narrowed down the list of items you would need based on our own combined college experiences.

1.) Pepper spray. As much as we tell you not to walk anywhere by yourself…especially at night…on a dimly lit campus…it’s going to happen. We understand that there are going to be times when taking a quick jaunt across an empty campus in the middle of the night is your only realistic (albeit very stupid) option. So get yourself some damn pepper spray so you have a better chance of living to tell the tale.

2.) Dorm safes. The likelihood that you’ll be living with a roommate is incredibly high. The likelihood that you’ll both end up being best friends, however, not so much. The truth is, you’ll be living with a complete stranger, so it’s absolutely vital that you have a secure spot to put your most valuable personal items. I’m not even going to get into the speech of what to bring from home (if it’s that valuable, don’t bring it to college!) and just skip straight to the part where I tell you what you need, and that, my friend, is a quality dorm safe.

3.) Locks. Just as you will need a substantial (read: sturdy) dorm safe, you are going to need some basic locks. It sounds crazy, but I wish I had put a lock on my closet my freshman year; I’m pretty sure my roommate took half my clothes with her every time she went home to visit family! Lock your sh*t up. You’ll either thank me later or wish that you had.

And if you’ve got a little extra in your budget (go ahead…laugh…I’ll give you a second), check out our college sites specifically for dorm room design and dorm room safety: and’ll be glad you did!

Are you planning on bringing any safety equipment to school?