Welcome to Dorm Safety

As a Dad with both of my kids recently off to college, you can imagine that dorm safety has become a critical issue and concern of mine.  Having been through the college tour circuit two times in the last eighteen months, I saw first hand how many parents share my concerns about the safety of their children as they send them to live away from home for the first time.   I’ve also been amazed by the number of parents who, remembering their own college experiences, have little to no concern about the state of security on campus.

Because of the level concern among most parents, and because of the very real situations our children face on campus, I created a website called SecureOnCampus.com http://www.SecureOnCampus.com.  Our site has gathered together all that a student might need to keep themselves and their valuables safe on campus – and off.  We offer a wide product range including laptop safes, laptop locks, a complete ine of pepper sprays and personal alarms, back up hard drives, first aid and emergency road kits, and even international cell phones for study abroad.

With this blog, though, I hope to help provide some of the latest info and news regarding dorm and campus safety, providing links to important content from other sites and blogs.  I hope this will be useful to other parents out there who are looking for good information about the state of campus and dorm safety.


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I hope you’ll check back from time to time to catch up on the latest.